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In 1959, the Cape Ann Tuna Club was born. They were an odd mix of old-timers with more stories than time to tell them, charter boat captains from up and down the east coast, sport fishermen and women, and deckhands working towards their first boat. If you fished as hard as you partied, you were in. The love of the coastal lifestyle united them and now they wish to share their pride with Anglers from all over the world!


Through the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s The Cape Ann Tuna Club attracted legendary boats and captains from Gloucester and the East Coast. It was no country club, just a way to get together and share in the love of the water, chase fish, tell stories, and wash it all down with a few drinks. Gloucester and the fishery has taken some hits over the years and at a certain point, the Club went to dry dock.


We’re back. The energy is back. We’re still that same mix of fishy old timers and rowdy newcomers dedicated to living our lives on the coast. The bars are full, beaches are hopping, the docks are busy, the boats are fueled up, and the fishing is good. Today Cape Ann Tuna Club stands for every coastal dweller, whether you’ve been here for generations or you’re getting your first taste of the lifestyle.


Cape Ann Tuna Club™
Keeping It Coastal Since 1959

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